If you’re new to the area or are just trying to find a place to call home, Kimberly First Baptist Church invites you to join us as we strive to do the work that God has bestowed upon us. We believe that salvation comes by confession of sin and faith in Jesus Christ as the only begotten Son of God, to believe in the heart that Jesus died and rose from the dead, and to proclaim with the mouth that He is Lord. We believe the Old and New Testaments to be the infallible Word of God; inerrant as originally given, verbally inspired by God, the complete and sufficient revelation of His will for salvation and conduct. We believe in the Great Commission; to proclaim the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ to the uttermost parts of the earth. Amen.
Our Pastor
Our church is lead by senior pastor Clint Davison, who is supported by his wife, Kendel, and his three daughters, Danielle, Destiney, and Kylie. Even from a young age, Clint was heavily involved in ministry, inevitably following in his own father’s footsteps when he accepted the call to preach when he was seventeen. After being mentored by his father, Clint began serving a pastoral role at Chapel Hill Church at the age of twenty-three. From there, he made his journey to North Carolina to evangelize and bring people closer to God; however, he felt God lead him back home to Alabama where he continued to preach, teach, and sing along with his family. Before too long, he was led to pastor New Life Baptist Church and came to settle here at Kimberly First Baptist Church in 2015.  He holds a deep desire and passion to share the news of Jesus to each and every person he comes across. He has a deep love for the church and delights in watching people grow in their faith. Even though he serves as pastor, he actively involves himself with the youth, coaching and mentoring them through the everyday struggles they deal with. He also loves to have a good time as well. Join us after Sunday evening services at Jack’s, and you’ll learn really quickly what we’re talking about. He enjoys joking around, talking about Alabama football, and singing songs with friends and family. 
When you join our community, we want you to see that Clint is a person just like the rest of us. He makes mistakes, and he isn’t afraid to admit that. That being said, he is always there to listen no matter what you’re going through, and he is there to support you whenever you need it.  He is always known for saying that he is only a phone call (or text message) away, and his office door is always open. He and his family have made a great addition to this church, and they all have the desire to help our church grow in Christ so that we may have the tools necessary to reach out to the world. Come join our services and have him not only as your pastor but as your friend.