Sunday School
We believe that Sunday school is a vital part of the ever-growing Christian. Beyond that, it is a good way to get in and connect with other individuals who are similar to you. (Plus, most of these classes get together to eat every now and then. Who wants to miss that?) No matter your age or work experience, no matter your background or testimony, you are welcome here. We accept anyone and everyone who graces the doors of our church. We encourage you to get plugged in with a Sunday school class today, and remember, “Read your Bible, read your Bible, read your Bible.”
Elementary (K5-6th)
From five years of age up to 12, this class meets for both Sunday school and Wednesday night services. This dynamic and exciting class will keep your child engaged while they learn about God and His Word. Children not only learn popular Bible stories, but they are challenged to learn a weekly Bible verse, learn the books of the Bible, and take what they’ve learned to share with their friends and family. 
The teen class is comprised of junior high and high school students 13 and older. A branch off of X-Salt Ministries, this class serves to be challenging and thought provoking, training up students to be leaders in their communities. They come from various school systems but treat one another like family, so your teen will fit right in. This class meets for both Sunday school and Wednesday night services.
Women’s Class
Are you searching for a class where you can connect with a loving and caring group of women? This class is one for you. Women with various life stories and testimonies gather together for Sunday school where they focus and dwell on God’s love and mercy. This class is a branch off of Saving Grace Ministries.
Senior Adults
This class is for the older saints of God who seek to serve God in great capacity. These men and women enjoy gathering together to talk about various issues going on in the world today and what the Bible has to say about them. 
College and Career
Maybe the teen class is too young for you, and maybe you’re too young for the senior adult class. Maybe you’re new to college, or maybe you just got married. Whatever the case, you’re welcome to join this class. This class is comprised of individuals in their 20’s and 30’s who are seeking to grow in their relationship with God. Whether it’s current events or how to better your prayer life, there’s something for everyone in this class.
Fun name for a class, right? This class is essentially the melting pot of Sunday school classes. If you feel like you don’t fit in anywhere else, give this group a shot. Made up of men and women who aren’t ready for retirement but are certainly experienced and seasoned in the workforce, this class is one that you will certainly enjoy your time in.